Restaurant Gastrologik, Stockholm

Exciting dishes with the best fresh produce of the season is prepared in Gastrologik's New Nordic Kitchen. - We don't have a menu, we rely on supply instead of demand. We listen to the producers, draw from our surroundings and cook accordingly, Jakob explains.


The foundation of Gastrologik's motto is to select producers with the best raw material for preparing the best dining experience for the guests, no matter what the season.


- Lindén's stainless steel bowls in various sizes are indispensable to us, states Jakob and the ceramic spice grinder from Lindén is a favourite. We use it for grinding several things: dried fruit, dried mushrooms, and of course for all our spices!


In the 2013 edition of the MICHELIN Guide has Gastrologik been awarded a star, just over a year after the opening. Congratulations from the Lindén team to these skilled chefs!

Stigs Bakery, Värnamo

In 1946 the Stigs Coffee Shop and Bakery was first established in Värnamo. Today Stigs has 10 locations in Värnamo and Jönköping. 


The experienced bakers and pastry chefs at Stigs have tested and assisted in the development of new products for Lindén. For example the pro whisk has become an essential tool for the Stigs bakers.


- When it comes to confectionary production there are many recipes that have to be whipped. Even if many steps are done by machine you always have to whip the last by hand to get the final fluffiness, says Anki Hansson, Managing Director at Stigs Bakery.


- The Jonas stainless steel bowls and measuring jugs are indispensable for us. They are used frequently every day so of course high quality utensils are very important to us. Many of our stainless steel bowls in our bakery are more than 30 years old and still fully functional, explains Anki.



Cookshop Allt i Kök, Malmö

Allt i Kök is the shop with three cooking enthusiasts whose hearts beat a little extra for modern, functional, high quality kitchen utensils.


Lindén's conical strainers, measuring jugs and whisk are neatly lined up on the shelves in the store, along with other colourful and stainless steel products.


The range is wide and selected with care and feeling. - The best thing we know is to find new kitchen tools and creating new opportunities in what we like best: cooking and baking, for everyday and special occasions! says Claes.


Allt i Kök turns to everyone who wants to find solid and classic utensils for their kitchen, both at home and in professional kitchens. Best-sellers are from the classic stainless steel concept. - One of our favourite in Lindén's assortment is the professional balloon whisk 35 cm and of course the traditional wire whisks! The wooden rolling-pins are also popular, especially the notched version, which all bread-bakers want, Claes adds.



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