#1 | October 2010


New homepage!

The address is same but we have done a make over!
Visit us at www.lindenint.se to see the latest news from Värnamo and Motala.


New Garlic Press Jonas

Clean with a click!
Cleaning a garlic press is often one of the biggest challenges. We have simplified the cleaning process with our new patented garlic press which makes the cleaning to a real treat! 

Jonas of Sweden

During the year of 2010 we have started to stamp "Jonas Made in Sweden" on our stainless steel items.
This emphasizes the Swedishness and strengthen the sense of tradition, quality and function.
DALOlindén MOTALA/VÄRNAMO ab    silkesvägen 27, SE-331 53 Värnamo, SWEDEN | tel +46 370 69 55 30 | fax +46 370 177 01 | info@lindenint.se